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HAKUNA MATATA RESCUE AND SANCTUARY is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) and was established in 1999; EIN:  954703422.  We are located in East Palmdale, California, in the high desert of Antelope Valley. Our primary purpose is to take in special "special needs" dogs that are paralyzed and require special around the clock care, and provide them with "wheels", if needed, so they can join all their friends with running around the HMRS Sanctuary.   [Read More]
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Hakuna Matata Rescue is located in Southern California, in East Palmdale. Directions will be given individually when appointment is made to come and see a particular dog.

Money donations are gratefully accepted and can be sent to our Post Office Box 335, Llano, CA 93554-0335.

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Phone: 661-261-3139
Email: hakunamatatarescue@hughes.net
WE DONATE $10.00

Visit our Sanctuary Dogs Page to learn about each of these "Wheelers"
Gracie is a Shih Tzu. She came to us from the shelter paralyzed but is doing GREAT.  With her chiropractic adjustments, she is up on her hind legs and walking and running. She is wobbly but has improved so very much from her first day at HMRS when she just dragged herself around.
Raisin is a Jack Russel Terrier from Corpus Christi, Texas.  He is paralyzed but is getting some good reaction from his laser and chiropractic adjustments. We have great hope of Raisin regaining use of his legs and not needing his wheels to get around.
Ricky is a Chihuahua from Corpus Christi, Texas. He is paralyzed but doing well in his wheels and also receiving chiropractic adjustments.
The "Special Wheeler" dogs at HMRS have many expenses to be met each month to keep them healthy and happy and  
stable: Therapy, special medicine, ongoing veterinary consultation ... to name a few.

Picking a Special Dog to sponsor at any level will greatly help us offset these expenses and continue our work.  

Sponsorship Levels:

PAW PRINT .........$ 20.00/month
WOOF .................$ 40.00/month
FRIEND ..............  $ 50.00/month
TAIL WAGGER ....$ 75.00/month
ANGEL ................ $125.00/month
A One-Time Donation is always welcome.  No donation is too small.

Your support to our Sanctuary makes a huge difference to the dogs we save.

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law and we will be happy to send you a receipt.

Money donations can also be sent to Post Office Box 335, Llano, CA 93554-0335
Mighty mouse is a black, tiny teacup, apple headed Chihuahua that we were told was hit by a car and was lying in the middle of the street as cars raced around her.
Lonely is a little elderly terrier that was brought to the county shelter as a stray and was paralyzed.  One of the shelter  volunteers called HMR and asked us to rescue him because he was on the euthanasia list since no one was interested in adopting him.
Tippy Toes is a black and white Rat Terrier that was from one of many litters of terribly in-bred pups. Tippy is a bit deformed in his joints and has some curvature of his spine but he is one of the happiest life loving dogs I have ever met and he may walk and run a little different than other dogs, but lots of healthy dogs have a hard time keeping up with him.
Sweet Willie is Tippy Toes younger brother and he is also with deformed joints and spine.  He is a bit worse than Tippy but again, with the therapy he enjoys his life and takes slow walks with his brother and other dogs his size.
Ryder is a young American Bull Dog / Boxer mix.  He was born with some neurological problems and also has Mega colon, which prevents Ryder from having a normal bowel movement.

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Open to Adopting?

If you are willing to open your heart and your home to one of these "special needs" dogs, and would like to adopt one; able to commit some time and patience; would like to learn how to care for them and what expenses you can expect;  then contact us to learn more.